Do you want professional grade mixes?

Let me help you get the sound you want!

Imagine vocals so crisp that it feels like the singer is touching your ear.

A kick drum that you feel in your chest.

And a snare drum that makes all other snares sound weak.

Listen and hear how the mix expands beyond the speakers.

Lush reverb tails and soaring delays.

A mix which sounds almost equally good on big speakers and in your phone.

That is a good mix.

Your music deserves it.

Of course, a mix can only be as good as the quality of the recording and the arrangement. But you'll be amazed of what is possible with the right tools.

Don't take my word for it!

Send me your song today and

I will show you what I mean.

Use this link and send me a .zip file with all your tracks* to:

I will send you a link to a mp3 version of the mix within 2 to 14 business days depending on my current workload.

*Please name your tracks so that it is understandable of what instument/track it is.

Are you afraid of your mixes not keeping up with the pros?

Let me help you.

I have dedicated the last years of my life to come up with a system that helps me being consistent in my results. It is no longer a guessing game to mix.

What is a good mix?

Do you want every piece of your song heard?

Do you want your song to have impact?

Do you want your song to stand out?

A good balanced mix is what makes that possible.

What you get

- Mastered or Unmastered Mix 24-bit 44.1kHz Wav

- 5 revisions

- Basic Mastering

- One Special Alt Mix (ie vocal up, instrumental, etc.)

Turn-Around Time

Most single songs will be finished within a week or less.


Mastering will be applied, free of charge with purchase of mixing. 


1 Mix + mastering* + up to 5 revisions - 150€


Vocal tuning 1 song - 75€

Drum, guitar or bass editing 1 song - 100€

  *If you want to use someone else to master, just let me know and I'll send you the mix only.

  **Some minor editing is without charge. I only edit songs I am going to mix.

All payments are to be done with paypal.

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